Hands-on Workshop

The organizers will provide you a Hands-on Workshop for MEG analysis tools for beginners, clinicians and all participants.
Those include hns_meg, SPM, MNE, and Graph, which visualize MEG signals on the sensor space and/or the source space, and some relevant filters and transformers.
Four expertized tutors tell you them kindly. For some tools, if you download and install them in your PC, you can try them with the expert in this workshop.

August 30, 2013
9:00-10:30 (※ Four Workshop start at the same time)
Main Hall & Exhibition Hall (each 2 split)
( Tokyo Dome Hotel Sapporo B2F Peerage Hall A and Peerage Hall B )
FREE for ISACM meeting 2013 participants
The advanced registration is not required for the hands on workshop.
Please feel free to join at anytime.
However if you have selected "Hands on workshop" in Online Registration (Early Registration & Late Registration), please expect to receive tools to be used on site and information page via email separately.
(please see Registration page )


Contents (tentative)   HO1 : Concise epilepsy analysis software, hns_meg, for Elekta-Neuromag users Tutor : Dr. Akira HASHIZUME Department of Neurosurgery, Hiroshima University School of Medicine,
Gamma Knife Center, Takanobashi Central Hospital, Hiroshima, Japan
<Course description>
Spike detection/analysis in patients with epilepsy is an important work for clinical MEG users. However, large number of MEG sensors makes the task cumbersome in daily routine studies. Software, "hns_meg", has been developed by Dr. HASHIZUME in order to make the spike detection/analysis process convenient. In this workshop, the spike analysis processing by using this tool will be demonstrated by its developer. Participants can analyze a sample data if you bring your own PC. Your own original data (Neuromag) is welcome for processing in this session. Tutor will assist your analysis.
  HO2 : The SPM introductory course using SEF data: from installation to 3D reconstruction Tutor : Dr. Naruhito HIRONAGA Department of Clinical Neurophysiology, Faculty of Medicine, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan <Course description>
Statistical parametric mapping (SPM) is a famous tool for functional neuroimaging. However, in contrast to fMRI analysis less attention is being paid to this software by MEG users. In this workshop, SPM function for MEG data processing will be demonstrated for beginners. Participants can analyze the sample SEF data if you bring your own PC with MATLAB.
  HO3 : Analyzing epileptic spikes by using MNE software Tutor : Dr. Naoaki TANAKA Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging,
Massachusetts General Hospital,
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA USA
<Course description>
This workshop will review the process of epileptic spike mapping by using MNE/dSPM software. We will focus on the basic steps including preprocessing, inverse solution, making source maps/movies and time course management. We hope it is helpful for MEG users/neurologists who are unfamiliar with these programs/procedures.
  HO4 : Signal analysis by using Graph (Elekta) Tutor : Dr. Lauri Parkkonen Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science (BECS), Aalto University, Finland <Course description>
The signal processing module ("Graph") of the Neuromag MEG software suite is a flexible tool for the analysis of continuous MEG/EEG recordings. In this hands-on session, the basic concepts and structure of this program will be introduced as well as its use in specific analysis tasks.



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